In just two weeks from today, on the morning of Tuesday 20th April, I shall be literally bursting with excitement to open up the doors of Maven once again!

I’ve been here twice before (March 2020, August 2020).  So I am hoping this is third time lucky.  I’m also not sure you’ll all indulge me in another ‘Grand Opening/Re-Opening’ anyway?   So, once the doors open again in two weeks, I’m not going to bloody well close them again!

It’s been great meeting so many new Mavens via the wonder of Zoom over the last couple of months and most recently with our re-introduction of In-Person Tours, and I can’t wait to welcome you all to our workspace for our upcoming Two Week Free Trial.

Understandably so, most of you have similar questions about Maven when we first chat and so I thought I’d take a moment to share those Top 5 Questions here, along with my answers of course.

1. Do I have to Join Club Maven to work at Maven?


Yes.  For our re-launch, we have introduced a range of really flexible memberships.  Co-Working at Maven is all about holding space together, getting to know each other and working together to help level up each other’s businesses and careers.  For that reason it’s important that we are all committed to co-working together on a monthly basis, as our budget’s allow.  I thought carefully about each and every membership level we offering to try and fit you all, however please do get in touch if you find there isn’t a plan to suit you. Bespoke Memberships can always be arranged.  That’s also why the Free Trial is in place,  as it gives you the opportunity try before you sign up!

2.  What other businesses should I expect to be co-working with?


The global pandemic has really mixed up the Co-Working world – which is absolutely brilliant for potential co-workers out there. So the answer to that question is not a quick one!  At Maven you’ll find everyone from employed and self employed creatives, stylists, fashion retailers & consultants, specialist business coaches, virtual assistants, travel counsellors, marketing and PA consultants, social media brand specialists, researchers, career coaches, personal trainers, dancers, meditation & breathing experts, menstrual cycling specialists, artists, accountants, tech innovators.  The list really does go on!

It’s my job to help you settle into Maven and work with you as a bit of a Maven Matchmaker.  I’m here to help you find potential collaborators, complimenting businesses and hopefully new friends, all to help to bring the enjoyment and social vibe back to our work.

3. Do you have Meeting Room Space for calls and 1:1s?


Absolutely!  We have our super duper purpose built meeting pod, which actually sits up to 4 people.  Due to Covid we’ve not had that amount of people in there as yet!  But hopefully soon we’ll be able to snug up nice and close.  We also have our Hideaway on the Mezzanine which is a one person pod – perfect for a private call.  And you can of course make calls from your desk, as long as they aren’t private/sensitive and that you are mindful of others.  We do encourage all our co-workers to bring noise cancelling headphones so if you are becoming a little distracted you can pop those on, tune out for a moment and get your stuff done.

4.  What should I bring with me?


There’s definitely a list of must-brings to co-working to ensure you have a productive day.

  1.  Headphones (as above!)
  2.  Tech – don’t forget your laptop, chargers, mouse, keyboard (if necessary)
  3.  Water bottle – it’s important to keep yourself hydrated, we have tea and coffee on tap too.
  4.  Snacks – we all experience that mid afternoon lull, so bring along your energy boosting snack of choice
  5.  Stationery – Biz cards, your favourite pen and a notepad.  All for those impromptu conversations with other Mavens
  6.  Layers –  You might feel a chill, or get too hot, so bring layers that you can easily take on and off to ensure you stay comfy
  7. A big SMILE – you are going to love it

5. Why did you start Maven and what did you do before?


So Maven is my second business baby….I’ve always been a very strong creative at heart and my love for fashion, design & textiles emerged at a very young age.  My studies in these subjects led me to the working world of luxury fashion retail, where I worked for one of London’s most iconic and prestigious retailers for nearly 10 years.  On paper it was the perfect job, styling celebrities, leading a successful sales team and developing training strategies, however something was niggling at me to want more.  So business plan in hand, I decided to leave my beloved London, new husband in tow and we moved to Hampshire where I started my luxury Bridal Boutique.  What a dream that business was, but 10 years later, that creative niggle was there was once again.  I had an urge to do something different, to actually make a difference and to give other female entrepreneurs the support, the space and the community to help lift each other up.  And there Maven was born.

I also often get asked – is Maven all that you do?  At the moment, absolutely YES!  To make it what I want it to be, it is most certainly a full time job and I am extremely passionate about creating this space and making it shine for YOU.

Can’t wait to see you Mavens!

Natalie x 🦩

To find out more about our Joining Club Maven and to sign up to our Two Week Free Co-Working Trial simply click here and if you have more Questions you may find them answered, here in our FAQ’s