So the idea for Feel Good Friday’s literally rained down on me when I was deep in the creative part of my cycle in March.

Shout out and life long thank you here to the amazing Maven Lou Perham, Cyclical Living Coach, for guiding me through her 1:1 Program – Discover The Power Your Cycle – Click here to find out more and watch our Insta Live.

I don’t know if you are the same, maybe you are but just don’t know it yet?  But I have a massive lightbulb moment, at the same time in my cycle, every.single.month.  Where I am just batting off ideas left right and centre.  Some ideas are good, some are absolutely terrible, some just darn right crazy.  Rather than trying to action them all (which is what I used to exhaust myself doing before working with Lou) I now learn to sit on them for a few days and wait for the good ones to persist and emerge into the  beauties that they are.

Feel Good Friday’s for me are one of those that continued to flourish. So I hope you like them too?  So what exactly happens in a Feel Good Friday session?

Well, at Maven we’ll have the tools and the environment in place to help you kickstart your week and hit the ground running. Feeling motivated, focussed and supported by our community.  But what happens when we get to the end of the week?  We need to intentionally sign off, feel accomplished and more importantly celebrate the achievements we’ve made in the week.

PWC have most recently announced their post-pandemic shift when it comes to flexible working – with half-day Friday’s as part of the plan, things are a changing and that work / life / fun balance is all up for grabs.

And so that’s where Feel Good Friday’s come in to the Maven Mix.  As a coworking community we’ll touch base together every Friday at 4pm, both in-person here at Maven in Winchester and virtually too via the old Zoom blower and it won’t all be about work…It’s about

Celebration – We’ll celebrate our weeks wins and cheerlead those of our fellow co-workers.

🌴Setting Intentions – Sign off for the week together, by setting meaningful and accountable intentions that enable you to get back in the work groove after the weekend

💕Having fun – Start the weekend right by Stepping into a 30 minute Feel Good Session, held by our Mavens, for our Mavens.  Think beauty demo’s, travel advice, style & shopping, music & dance, beautiful blooms, confidence boosting sessions and so much more!

Upcoming Feel Good Friday Sessions


Friday 23rd April 4pm

💄Pamper Yourself with Veronika Manco   Try some nourishing eye patches & enjoy Veronika’s Top 5 must have products to kickstart the summer 💋

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Friday 30th April 4pm

🌟Boost You & Your Brand with Lauren Hughes of Lahu Brand Visibility A confidence boosting session to help you finish your week feeling on top of the world. ⚡️

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Friday 7th May 4pm

🌴 2021 Travel Ideas with Zoe Palmer, Travel Counsellor at @zoe_palmer_travel Golden sands, cocktail in hand…let’s talk holidays ☀️

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Feel Good Friday Sessions are Free to Maven Members and will be live broadcast via zoom and we have 6 in-person spaces too! |

Natalie x 🦩

(Above Image taken at Maven of the fabulous team at Venues for Business.  Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash Photography)