When you first meet you will be struck by her warmth and positivity.  She is super well connected and one of the most efficient women I know – which is why she is one of the most in demand VA’s in Winchester right now as The Perfect Assistant.


And as if that is not fabulous enough, Louise has an enchanting side hustle with her business A Magical Letter – Which delivers highly personalised letters from Father Christmas to captivated children across the UK.

I had a chat with Louise to find out a little bit more about her:



If you could choose to do anything for the day, what would it be?


Hmmm….depends on how realistic we’re talking. My ideal day (that I know is possible) would be a day at Nirvana Spa with my best friends. It’s the most heavenly spa you’d ever go to and it’s so rare that me and my friends get to spend time together without the children.
However, if we’re talking about absolutely ANYTHING with no limitations on money, judgement and perhaps even time travel – I’d get married to my husband again. It was by far the best day of my life and I had SO MUCH FUN! I don’t know if I’d choose to do it all over again or whether I’d just relive the day. Perhaps the latter – but with people who weren’t able to make it, like my Grandad who passed a few years before. Yes, lets say that.

Who is your entrepreneur crush?


I found this answer so hard, so I have a few answers for you! Deborah Frances White is my ultimate inspiration atm, not necessarily for her entrepreneurial skills but more for her mind and her overall being.  Otherwise, it’s all the local business women I look up to. The likes of Trudy Simmons, Laura Payne Stanley, Cat Archer Underwood and of course our very own Natalie Hamer. These are women I’ve seen do amazing things and who inspire me every day. I feel like they’ve achieved so much and they inspire me because I feel like I can achieve so much too – it feels attainable. Whereas the BIG fish entrepreneurs feel like they have lives that are incredibly different to mine.

What’s Favourite book or TV Show?

Do you really expect me to give one answer? TV shows I’m loving at the moment are The Handmaid’s Tale , Baptiste and I’ve just finished Motherland. I hardly get a chance to sit with a book so I listen to a lot of Podcasts (Guilty Feminist and Parenting Hell). I have started to listen to an Audio Book though recommended to me by Cat Archer Underwood called Playing Big by Tara Mohr -I absolutely love her thinking, she’s very inspirational.

What is your proudest achievement?

Building my businesses to where they are today and simply believing in myself. In the last few months alone I’ve secured some of my biggest ever clients and my business is growing rapidly. Also, Mrs Hinch is a fan of my Christmas letters which is a huge deal to me!

What do you love most about Maven?

My favourite thing about Maven is the feeling I get knowing I’m going to work somewhere that inspires me where I’ll meet women I wouldn’t have otherwise met. At first it was the design and feel of the space that attracted me to Maven but once I started working there I soon realised that not only did I get so much more done than I did at home but I also fell in love with the tribe of women I joined – all who I wouldn’t have met at networking events.  One day I’ll be sat next to a copywriter and the next I’m working next to a resilience coach!


If you’d like to work alongside Louise at Maven, then feel free to Book a Trial Desk or drop me an email on natalie@mavencoworking.co.uk and I’ll put you in touch.

Natalie x