The need to know’s about Maven


Where is Maven located?


Maven is based in the bustling, historic, Hampshire city of Winchester.  A stone’s throw from some amazing cafe’s, foodie eateries, independent boutiques and idyllic sites.  Our address is 6 Walcote Place, Winchester, SO23 9AP.  Walcote Place is a little precinct, tucked away at the top of the High Street.  Opposite Cote Brasserie and the Man on a Horse Statue, where cafe Eat, Drink Be is situated.


Does Maven have parking?


No.  We are a stone’s throw from Tower Street car park, although if you are looking to work at Maven for more than a 4-hour stint we advise parking a few more minutes away at Worthy Lane, where a full day stay is half the price of Tower Street and you can stretch your legs with an 8 minute walk to Maven.  There’s also the Park and Ride service too.


Is Maven just for women?


We are a female centric space and are here to support women in business, but no-one is excluded from coming to Maven.  If you love and live by our values then Maven is for you.  We strive to provide an inclusive and respectful environment where all are welcome and if you have not done so already,  I invite you to read more about our values here in our MAVEN MANIFESTO.


What does Maven provide?


We are a co-working space providing an inspirational, creative space in which small business owners, entrepreneurs and employed can escape the isolation and boredom that comes from working from home.  You’ll find generous spacing (a 1.2m desk for all) and a Covid-secure environment.  Our facilities include your desk and chair (of course), super fast Wi-fi, a refreshment area providing complimentary teas & coffee, outdoor seating and separate breakout zones.


Do I have to be a Member to come to Maven?


Yes.  Our community thrives and grows through having regular co-workers in our spaces – both physical and virtual.  We offer a two week free trial for each of our Membership programs, so you can experience our environment first before having to commit.  Thereafter, if you choose to continue and be a member of Club Maven, a monthly rolling membership will be in place.  All our membership plans can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.


What Memberships do you offer?


We have 4 tiers:


1.  Part Time Maven at £52 a month – which gives you 4 half day desk passes a month (A half day is 9.30-1pm or 1.30-5pm)


2. Working Mum Maven at £60 a month – which gives you 4 working mum day desk passes a month (A working mum day is 10am-3pm)


3. Full Time Maven at £75 a month – which gives you 4 x full day passes a month (A Full Day pass is 9.30pm-5pm)


4.  VIP Maven at £100 a month – the ultimate in flexibility and a space to get stuff done more frequently.  With the VIP Membership you get priority booking access and you can book unlimited sessions


Explanatory notes.


🌟 Think of the memberships like you would a Gym Membership.  You need to book yourself on to your sessions in advance and as each session has limited numbers, so there is always that chance that your ideal session might not be available.  Top tip – book in advance to avoid disappointment.


🌟 VIP Members have priority access to the Booking system.  However we do ask that our VIP members remember our values and think of others when booking…i.e don’t blanket book lots of sessions and then cancel or change at the last minute.  As this will prevent others from coming.


🌟48 hours notice is required to cancel or change a session.  The 48 hours is effective from the start time of the session.  So if your session starts at 9.30am on a Tuesday, it must be cancelled/changed by 9.30am on Sunday morning. 


🌟 Your desk pass is valid for the hours stated.  If you do need to stay longer than your desk pass, contact Natalie@mavencoworking.co.uk to discuss an additional hourly rate.


🌟 For VIP Mavens Unlimited Access means within our Opening Hours (shown below).  If you need Maven outside of our Opening Hours please place a request with natalie@mavencoworking.co.uk


🌟 For Part-Time, Working Mum & Full Time Mavens all the desks available are bookable within our Opening Hours (shown below).  If you need access outside of our opening hours please place a request with natalie@mavencoworking.co.uk 


What are your Opening Hours?


Maven’s current Opening Hours for Co-working are:

Monday – 9.30-5pm

Tuesday – 9.30-5pm

 Wednesday – 10-3pm

Thursday – 9.30-5pm

 Friday – 9.30-5pm


What should I bring along to co-working?


We’ve all got a little used to working from home, where generally it’s very quiet (if the kids are at school!).  If you are coming back to the world of co-working post pandemic we recommend bringing along headphones, so you can easily focus in if you need some quiet time.  This is an open plan office space, so there may be a level of chatter and a buzz.  Short calls can be taken at your desk as long as you are mindful of others.  Likewise if hearing others talk on the phone or otherwise is something that might distract you from your work, then noise cancelling headphones are a must.  There are some great ones out there and you don’t need to spend a fortune.


Wear layers, so you can keep warm/cool depending on the temperature.  Bring along a water bottle so you can keep hydrated and some snacks to keep your brain in gear!  We will normally have some milk in the fridge, but not all types, so bring along what you desire.  Obviously don’t forget your laptop and chargers too.


Do you have a private space for calls or 1:2:1’s?


Yes we have our quirky and cool Meeting Pod.  This sit’s up to 4 people comfortably.  Our different Membership levels allow free passes to the Pod.  Once you’ve used your free passes you can buy extra.  We also have a private collaborative space called The Maven Mezzanine.  This has a small one person phone booth which can be booked if the Mezzanine area is not in use (see below).


What is the The Maven Mezzanine?


The Maven Mezzanine is a semi-private collaborative space, perfect for one person to hire if they need some alone time to complete a project, or for two people to hire if they wish to collaborate.  Mavens can hire the mezz for a day or two, a week or even a month.  You can buy a pass for Ad-hoc use of the mezzanine at any time (subject to availability).


Additional Costs to Members for the Mezzanine:


VIP Maven Mezzanine Pass Costs

 🌟VIP Mavens get 2 x days use of the Mezzanine as part of the £100 package).

£10 a Day / £30 for the week. ( if the credit above has already been used ) On top of the Monthly Membership of £100 a month.


Part Time/Working Mum/Full Time Maven Mezzanine Pass Costs


£15 a Day / £45 for the week.  On top of the Monthly Membership of £52/£60/£75 a month respectively


How much does it cost to book The Maven Meeting Pod?


Maven Members get free passes to the Maven Meeting Pod within each individual package.  VIP Mavens have unlimited use of the pod (subject to availability).  Although as with our desk booking system, please respect our values and others by not being a ‘pod hog’.   


🌟Part-time Mavens – get 1 x one hour pod pass a month


🌟Working-mum Mavens – get 2 x one hour pod pass a month


🌟 Full-time Mavens – get 3 x one hour pod pass a month


Costs of Pod Passes


A One hour pod pass is £5


*Non members cannot hire our Meeting Pod


 Can I Hire Maven as a Non- Member?


Yes.  Maven is such a great space to hire for Photoshoots, Filming and Workshops and yes it is available to hire to non-members as well as members.  Our Members receive preferential discounted rates (15% off for VIP and 10% off for Part Time, Working Mum and Full Time Mavens).


Maven Hire Costs – Available to hire on Mondays, Saturday’s & Sundays.  Also available in the evenings from 6pm-9pm.


💫2 hour hire = £60 


💫Evening hire = £80  (6pm-9pm)


💫Half Day Hire = £100 4 hours


💫Full Day Hire = £150 8 hours 




Natalie (or another member of our team) is available on site within opening hours – There is also a key safe available in case access is needed.  Members will be provided with a one time code for key safe access as and when needed.  This is a community space so we do ask that all Mavens make themselves aware of the guidelines in place to ensure our space operates efficiently.  If you find yourself being the last to leave please ensure Maven is locked securely with all lights off (including bathroom and freestanding lamps).  That the pod is turned off at the plug and that you take your individual rubbish with you.  


What is your Virtual Membership?

You can join Maven Online for just £20 a immerse yourself in the world of Maven without having to leave your home.  Banish the loneliness and isolation by meeting with fellow Mavens online in our weekly Virtual Co-working Session.




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