Meet Charlotte, 50% of The Client Strategist (Tasha Newland is the other 50%!).  Charlotte is a whizz at creating strategies for your business that are proven to work.  Her experience at award winning wedding venues puts her in a unique position to elevate your business and achieve stretch goals.

What is your entrepreneur crush?

Can I say my dad?! He started his business 20 years ago and I’ve always looked up to him and his achievements. There is something to be said for being inspired by a parent, it makes it special beyond words. The guidance is so heartfelt and interesting, I know he will always be honest with me.

Name one book that blew your mind…

I don’t actually read business books, I do however, read all the relevant blog and influential Instagram posts to keep on top of the latest trends. For TCS the levels of the research we have to undertake for clients has significantly increased, this is something I love doing, as it gives me knowledge on so many new subjects, sectors and business development pathways. I have to say I prefer to get totally lost in fiction when I read a book. I love to read to relax!

What do you do for encouragement or motivation?

We regularly go for a walk as a family, there is something about fresh air that gives you immense amounts of clarity and calm. So a walk in the fresh air with my family, or just my gorgeous 2 year old daughter Lyla. She has the ability to clear all the cobwebs and always put an intense smile on my face. Oh, and never forget the coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

When did you decide to pursue your business and what is your proudest achievement?

After having Lyla I realised I needed something I can work around family life but also give me more fulfilment and excitement in my career. My proudest achievement: definitely writing my wedding planning book, it’s something I’ve been trying to complete for a while and lockdown made that happen!

Tell us about The Client Strategist – Covid A-Z Recovery Download

If you have hit a block in the road and you’re not sure if you’re coming or going? This download is definitely needed.

If you are looking to grow and develop your business? This guide can take you step by step, letter by letter to ensure you have a thriving business that has all the elements it needs to succeed!

OH, and guess what ITS FREE!

This year has been hard, really hard, for lots of people, businesses, generations, sectors and cultures. We felt as though we had to give back, knowing that our experiences were important to other business owners. Creating something like this as a resource is our humble way of giving back, and we are incredibly proud of it.

What do you look forward to the most when coming to Maven?

OMG – getting out the house and putting on a great pair of heels? I’m looking forward to meeting some wonderful like minded business entrepreneurs and helping incredible Mavens to have a successful 2021 and beyond.

Charlotte, I love that one of the things you look forward to the most when coming coworking to Maven is putting on a great pair of heels.  I am so with you on that – it’s great to have a reason to get dressed up.

To connect with Charlotte and work with her through The Client Strategist or Lyla Rose Events just get in touch..

Natalie x