Tasha is an incredible Mentor and Strategist.  In a short session, Tasha can take you from feeling confused about your business, to having true purpose, clarity and motivation.

I’ve worked with Tasha for many years now; we’ve worked on perfectly planned styled shoots together when she was a photographer, trained together when Tasha headed up The Hampshire Wedding Club – which was a supportive educational community for the wedding industry and now I’m excited to be working with Tasha and her business partner Charlotte, The Client Strategist.

“I love taking on some of the most confusing & frustrating creative business concepts and challenging clients to interpret and activate them in their businesses.  These include collaboration, productivity, strategy, ideal client analysis and mindset work.”

I wanted to find out a little more about Tasha and what make her tick, so let’s go:

Who is your entrepreneur crush?

By far and away my biggest crush has to be Brene Brown. I have worked since I was 18, so I am coming up to a landmark 30 years. Never have I felt such strong connection to the words of a writer, entrepreneur and human being. Towards the end of 2019 I burnt-out, on a fairly intense and humbling level. Brene’s writing about humility, vulnerability, shame and being in life’s arena, fuelled and nourished my recovery. It taught me that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. That I needed to learn from the misaligned capacity decisions I had made. There is a lot to be said for the power that you have as a business person, as well as the significant commitments you undertake. Yet, one of the most humbling lessons for me was that I did not need to be everything to everyone, that I deserved to be paid my worth, and that I was stronger than I ever actually knew. This is the quote that changed everything for me.

“I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time. Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage”. Brene Brown

If that is not crush making, and inspiration inducing I genuinely don’t know what is. If you have not watched Brene on Netflix you absolutely should, it is truly extraordinary. I watch The Call to Courage, once a month (right at the start), and it never fails to bring out the healthy entrepreneur in me, but it also grounds me and makes me feel 10ft tall. Click here to give it a go, soon, you’ll love it!

Name one book that blew your mind…

Daring Greatly, I took it to Bali to read in 2019 (a big year for me!) and literally loved it, I could not put it down. I have two copies. One highlighted and written all over with my ramblings and connective revelations and the other pristine. One day soon I will give a copy to my daughter to read, as I believe it is one of those fundamentally important LIFE books that changes you for the better after you have read it, digested it and applied the teachings in its beautifully crafted pages.

What do you do for encouragement or motivation?

I journal, and I read, the latter voraciously when I have a change. I also take time to listen to podcasts and talk regularly with friends and colleagues.  I also watch my daughter play her chosen sport of rugby, I feel so very inspired and free when I stand on the side of that pitch and watch her excel at something she loves doing. Seeing her with her bunch of tenacious and hilarious team mates, experiencing the same elation she experiences, is hugely satisfying. It’s this time when I am firmly connected to my family that provides the good vibes needed to function. Motivation provision… check! Encouragement provision…check!  Frozen limbs… check! All in the name of motherly empowerment and endless pride… check check!!

When did you decide to pursue your business?

I decided I needed to change my work the day the words “Tash, your choice of primary school for Sam does not work with my expectations of a Executive PA, so you are going to have to find an alternative if you want to carry on working for me”. WWHHHHHAAAATTTTT! With my husband working away Monday to Friday every day for 5 years, I needed to change what I was doing (urgently). It was that day I fell out of love being an Executive PA.  I had spent 16 years working for people I respected and would have moved the earth for, something I mastered doing regularly. I requested voluntary redundancy, and left within 3 months (never working another day for the neanderthal above). Never looking back, but picking up executive PA work on short term contracts when I needed to and for people I valued. The final time I needed to do that was thrilling, a proud moment in 2014.

My self employed journey started in 2009, and what a bloody learning curve! Overnight my in-corporate community was gone, I had to learn everything I needed for my business task wise and for 10 years I honed my skills. Success took time, by the time I retired the business in 2019, I’d had my worked featured in magazines, newspapers and on blogs all over the world. I photographed for one of the biggest wedding magazines in the UK for about 2 years and my clients loved my community minded approach. I’d photographed 145 weddings, 18 editorial shoots, 12 catwalks, 3 White Galleries, 4 Brides The Shows, 3 Most Curious, and countless business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Moving from the wedding communities I single handed-ly built over 5 years, to The Client Strategist was a delightful decision which now allows me to work with Charlotte on a daily basis. It also allows me to support wonderful creative business owners with their strategies, marketing, and client analysis. This business has endless potential, and we are hugely excited to be building a wonderful set of retained clients, alongside some significant support contracts with businesses inspiring both of us from new creative sectors.

Not focusing solely on just the wedding sector gives us both the explosive expansion and learning we needed, and it is very very exciting to be on this journey together.

What do you look forward to the most when coming to Maven?

I adore coming to Maven, and I love what Natalie has created for female entrepreneurs.  The safety, the camaraderie, the chance to work alongside other exceptional women business owners – fills me with excitement and inspiration.  On top of that its all wrapped up in the most gorgeous setting, calm, stylish, fun and full of heart and empowerment.  If you have not been, where have you been?  Start with one day a week and trust me when I say you will never look back.

Tell us about 5 (15 minute) Steps to 2021

OMG, we are SOOO excited about this! Will we see you on Friday?

  • What if you could spend your days working on the things that only YOU can do?
  • What if you could pre-empt the changes that happen in your business, because it’s not guess work, it’s planned?
  • What if you were able to leverage your incredible talents to grow your business while working “just that little bit” less?

We know you have big plans.

We know you want more sales, more clients

We know you want to stop the overwhelm.

We know you want to get focused.

We understand the need for clarity and alignment.

We hear your frustration over your online presence?

We want to help you to;

  • Create goals to keep you working in your zone of genius
  • Help you understand what you need to put in place to leverage your digital presence over the coming year. Making your website, online courses, social media, and email list do the talking, the working and the pipeline building
  • Create an extraordinary professional partnership with your perfect client
  • Turn your greatest struggle into shiny new strengths
  • Own the ‘power’ present in your business and you
  • Become the leader you deserve to be

We’re hosting Fridays workshop to create goals that work, stretch, align and create purpose.  So if you are willing to do maximum momentum work to create exceptional success, this is for you.

The clarity provided by setting the stage, reflecting on 2020, and looking at your action patterns will make sure your focus takes you waaaay ahead of the crowd.

We will create annual, quarterly and monthly steps you take to that illusive place where all the good business mojo lives…

We want you to simplify your business, amplify your effort, and adore the freedom having accurate, measured and exceptional goals provides.

Remember a healthy, organised business means a healthy organised life. Will you join us?

YES please Tasha!  I hear you all say?

We can’t wait looking forward to working with The Client Strategist for the first time at our Maven Masterclass – 5 (15 minute) Steps to 2021.  This goal planning and strategy session to help you gain clarity and direction to start 2021 with a bang.  It’s taking place via Webinar at 2pm on Friday 11th December.  There are limitless tickets available on Zoom, however we also have a few tickets remaining to tune in live from Maven too, if you attend in person you’ll get the added bonus of a 1:1 and group chat with Tasha and Charlotte and some Maven Christmas Treats tooSound good?  To find out more click here!

You can normally see Tasha at Maven on a midweek school mum shift – do get in touch if you would like to connect.

Natalie x