Hazel and I met pre lockdown, back in the days when Maven was still planning to open in April!  Fast forward to August and Hazel booked on our re-scheduled first launch day, a dream of a day when we all came together for the first time to bring our co-working community to life.

At that point we were all on a bit of a high, things were on the up, the first lockdown had ended and we were allowed out again.  It was a hot and steaming summer and we all felt we could relax a little and get back to in person meet ups.  Over the next couple of months, Hazel joined our regular team of coworkers here at Maven.  A psychologist, Hazel specialises in resilience, mindset and loving life.  Her passion is to help retrain minds and redesign motherhood too.

In September, Hazel kindly offered to run a complimentary Masterclass on How to Stay Resilient this Winter.  It was her way to give something back to the Maven community she had enjoyed so much.  Little did we know when we scheduled the date, that it would fall on the eve of the second Lockdown of the year….this Masterclass was much needed.

We decided to run it in the form of a webinar.  Hazel set up to broadcast from our meeting pod and we had a few people tuning in live whilst at Maven and others joining via Zoom for their home.  A wonderful mix that highlighted our supportive community.

The session was so enlightening, with Hazel using research backed tools and her own personal story to which we could all relate.  Hazel also introduced The Hand Brain Model by Dr Daniel Siegel, which highlighted how we have an inbuilt nature to ‘Flip our lid’.  In these situations we can then tend to go into survival mode with a large dose of tunnel vision.  We’re likely to reach for the wine, binge eat on chocolate or scroll endlessly and without purpose on our phone.  To help, Hazel discussed how it’s so important to be in tune with yourself and how you react when you are in survival mode as only then can you start to recognise and fix it.

By creating a habit where you check in with yourself daily, and be aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can start taking steps towards a more resilient you.  Take a step back and think about your choices before you jump in, or react.  Resilience is not about  being tougher…you are not broken, you are HUMAN.

Thank you Hazel, a truly great session.  I’ll look forward to working together on creating more Mindset Maven Masterclasses in 2021.

much love

Natalie x