Having recently relocated to Hampshire from London, Rosie was thrilled to see Maven pop up on her feed whilst searching for exciting networking and coworking opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Winchester.

Fun loving and vibrant, Rosie’s sunny personality will certainly brighten up our co-working space.

Through Court & Spark Communications, Rosie will delve into your marketing plan, get to know your business and put together a creative and tactical strategy to get the best out of your audience.

I asked Rosie a few questions to find out a little more about her:


Tell me about a woman who inspires you.

It is a real cliché, but I’m always inspired by my Mother. I’m a child of the late 80s, and my mother went back to work at her full-time corporate PR job three months after I (her first child) was born.

She fought against lots of stereotypes at the time to focus on balancing her career with being a parent, and it wasn’t easy for her. In an era where flexi-time and remote working where yet to be conceived, let alone offered, she made lots of sacrifices. Now – as a mother myself – I really understand the pressures she faced, and I’m extremely proud of her for that.

She has set me up for life, instilling a work ethic that is at the very heart of me. It also means she’s very happy to do Granny daycare with my little one, making up for lost time!


When did you decide to pursue your business?

There’s a theme here…I had my son three years ago and I knew it wasn’t feasible for me to return to my full-time job at the global PR agency where I had been for the past six years. I wanted more balance and choice.

I was also fed up of having my career progression and, frankly, my salary dictated to me by faceless men in suits based in the New York office. I wanted to have the chance to pick and choose my clients, working with people I respect and for brands whose purpose and visions align with my own.

Social media marketing is still an enigma to so many brands. They treat it like a platform to broadcast their sales messages, and forget to connect, add value and build trust with their audience. It seemed like the logical next career step for me to make – to apply my experience of wider marketing disciplines to support start-ups and smaller brands with their digital marketing strategies.

What drives you creatively?

Purpose driven and values led challenger brands. Innovation. I think we all want so much more from things these days: we want to feel good about what we buy, either through giving something back or knowing that we are minimising our footprint on the world.

I love connecting with people who are driven by making change and then making sales. It propels me into action, thinking about how I can get their messages across to those who need to hear it.

My strap line is just that: I give small brands big voices, by making their values visible.


What is your proudest accomplishment? 

One of my clients is an amazing foodie start-up – Eight Food – who are aiming to change the face of frozen food by providing guilt-free frozen ready meals that are delivered to your door. A nutritionist and a chef identify which nutrients, vitamins etc. we all need and they devise delicious family favourite dishes which are ‘boosted’ with extras that we might not do at home (i.e. flax seeds coating fish cakes, or chicken livers in the ragu), so that busy people can rely on having a healthy meal on the table without feeling bad about fishing it out of the freezer.

As you can imagine, they were completely inundated by orders at the start of the pandemic and I worked day and night to make sure that our social media adverts were delivering to the right people. Eight were driven by a need to provide for those who were most vulnerable and frightened, and the messages we received saying how grateful people were that their elderly parent had received a food delivery to keep them going through isolation was very heartwarming.


What are you looking forward to most about Maven?

Connection! Despite working for myself, I thrive on energy and thrashing ideas out with others. I can’t wait to meet the other members and see how we can all team up as strategic partners. That and not having to suppress the desire to empty the dishwasher during working hours…


Thank you so much for sharing Rosie!   As you rightly said, connection is absolutely key in order for us all to thrive as successful businesswomen and solo workers.  And I can’t wait to ‘bring it’ with Winchester’s first coworking space for women!

Natalie x