Meet Nadja Litau, a talented photographer whom I met at the start of 2020 and also at the very start of the Maven journey!

We connected before Maven opened as we thought it would be lovely to give potential coworkers the opportunity to come and experience the space, whilst meeting Nadja and getting some great new images for their business.

We planned our first Lifestyle Headshot day, to take place on the 24th March.  Eeek, that obviously didn’t happen, Lockdown 1 happened instead!

Fast forward to August 2020 and a beautifully bright sunny morning.  We’d re-arranged the Headshot day !  It was once again the first event in our diary for the maiden launch of Maven.

Let me just say, Nadja is a brilliant photographer.  Like most people, I’ve always struggled in front of the lens.  Nadja put me at ease immediately and really did get the best out of me.  I felt relaxed, comfortable and I actually enjoyed it, which is the polar opposite too how I normally feel.  The results were amazing, in just a 20 minute session I have at least 10 images that I can use again and again…result!

I highly recommend a session with her, Nadja has since photographed quite a few of our ‘Mavens’ to such great results.  If you would like me to connect you with Nadja, please do get in touch.  Do also stay tuned to hear when our next Headshot session will be…we’re currently planning one for 2021!

Before we go though, here’s a taster from Nadja’s blog…

What’s the difference between a headshot and personal brand photography?

A Headshot is a term that originated from the movie industry, relating to a printed portrait of an actor used to apply for acting roles with.  A headshot can have a simple plain studio backdrop or can be shot on location.   Personal brand photography goes beyond a simply headshot or portrait.  It is based on stories, brand values, expressions, emotions and being an inspiration to your audience.

To read more please visit her blog, it will really help you decide what kind of imagery you are looking for!

Much love

Natalie xx