One chilly night, at the start of November, Sulkydoll and I met for a Find Your Style debrief cocktail.  ‘Twas the night before Lockdown 2.0 and we were feeling a little fired up.  A couple of Margarita’s later (if you’ve not tried the Margarita at The Cabinet Rooms then you must, you simply must!) our creative juices were flowing and we were inspired to get you all together virtually, again, for another Maven Mixer.

So the Misbehavin’ Mixer night was born – which included a  f**k you to 2020 kinda theme.  Meet…

  • Sulkydoll a.k.a Donna McCulloch serving up some festive style advice
  • Beauty by Manco a.k.a Veronika delivering a demo on the perfect smokey eye make up
  • Leg Up Dance a.k.a Emma entertaining you and getting you dancing with a cheeky little routine
  • Natalie The Maven Your host and event organiser

Being honest with you, we all felt a little daunted about the thought of entertaining you – it’s quite the responsibility, but with these girls on board I knew it would be a night to remember…

Sulkydoll got busy, prepping her style section, visiting local businesses such as Ellie and Bea, Mint Tea Boutique and House of Gallet.  Veronika delved into her kit to work out exactly what products would be right for our attendees and Emma choose the most amazing soundtrack for the night – Fighter by Cristina Aguilera – and proceeded to put together ‘the routine’.

Emma totally nailed it with the song choice, it’s almost like the lyrics were written for 2020…right?

“Makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder, makes me that much wiser, so thanks for making me a fighter.”

Swag bag prep was underway, with our local partners again providing the goodies.  Bombay Sapphire very generously provided all of our guests with their own miniature bottle with a double serving of gin, and a delish Earl Grey Tonic Water to go with.  If you’ve not visited the Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Laverstock Mill, then pop it on your list for the New Year.  Maybe we’ll arrange a Maven trip out there too too – a real Maven Mixer!  Also inside was a super tasty Baileys Noshbite from Nutritional Nosh – order yours now, they are perfection!

“Great frock but look at the shoes on her 🤩”

Sulky kicked off with her Festive Style Edit, sequins, glam loungewear, statement earrings all from local boutiques.  “Pearls are back, they are BACK.” In true Sulky style, she got our zoom guests up and out of their seats, getting all excited about shopping again.  Ten minutes with Donna, can revolutionise the way you dress, believe me, I had the pleasure of shopping with her.  Put a Wardrobe Edit with Sulkydoll on your New Year resolution list – you won’t regret it.

“Speak to me in the language of sequins.”

“I want that jumper…remind me where I can get one?”

”That is so me!!!! I’m in.”

We’d got you all jazzed up about style, now it’s time for Veronika to work her magic with a Smokey Make-up Demo, Veronika’s talent is awesome, she can whip up a polished make-up look on you in seconds, truly!  You all loved her looks and the Pro Make-Up Lab Eye Patches were a BIG hit, click here to find out more about them, Veronika is the UK agent so if you want to knock 15 years off, get in touch with her!

“Veronika, so many fab products.  Can you send us a list of them after session?”

”This kind of make-up is EVERYTHING!  If you ever need a model Veronika 😘.”

“I need me some of those eye patches.”

Let’s dance!  “We’re smashing the patriarchy with our boobs.”  Damn right we are.  It’s a blooming tough gig performing last, but Emma totally and utterly smashed it out of the park.  The routine was amazing, but not just that, Emma oozed charisma and her wicked sense of humour took the dance to the next level and got everyone on their feet! Hands up who wants a group dance session?  Stay tuned for more in the New Year!

🙋🏼‍♀️“Emma you are a legend”

🙋🏻‍♀️”Emma is awesome”

One fine day, these Maven Mixers will be in real life.  However, I think the girls came pretty darn close to bringing the Girls Night In Vibe to your home, don’t you?

I was so proud of Donna, Emma and Veronika for pulling this event out of the bag, like so many creatives, their businesses have been massively affected by Covid this year.  Yet they still wanted to put themselves out there and try something different to help uplift others ❤️

”Thank you so much for organising this Natalie, just what I needed.”

“I want to go out now, thanks for all the giggles.”

“I know, I’m dancing around the kitchen.”

”Thanks all for bringing a bit of normality back for me xx.”

Big love to you all, thank you for coming and we’ll see you again in 2021, in the meantime, keeeep Misbehavin…!

much love 

Natalie xx