Super friendly, with a relaxed and charming nature, Tash is the better half of Tash and Will Photography…sorry Will, ha ha!

Today we find out all about how Tash turned a passion project into a very successful wedding photography business.

Tell me about a woman who inspires you.

My Nana is my biggest inspiration.  She taught me strength, independence and how to laugh when things didn’t quite work out how I expected . I was always in awe of how graceful she was, but also how rebellious, she knew her own heart and wasn’t afraid to do it her way. That to me has always been so powerful. Every day she inspires me, and even now when I feel uncertain or a little lost, I think of her and it brings me courage.

When did you decide to pursue your business?

It’s very cliche, back in 2010 the day after my 29th birthday I just realised my life wasn’t how I wanted it to be. It wasn’t awful, but I knew that it was time for a change. Photography for as long as I can remember had been what I loved, and without much thought or planning, I took the plunge. Handed in my notice and went back to college, took a part-time job at a studio, by the end of 2011 I had started my very first photography business. The best decision I ever made.

What drives you creatively?

Connection and telling stories. The idea that a photograph can tell a small part of someone’s story and create a connection between them and the viewer is amazing to me. The stories that come when looking at photographs, how they can start a conversation about generations and history. Photography can make you feel a connection to someone you’ve never had the chance to meet.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My business. Building it from an impulsive idea and learning how to turn my passion for photography into a career. Teaching myself how to run a business and putting together something that I’m proud to share with people.

What are you looking forward to most about Maven?

The opportunity to work in an environment surrounded by inspiring women. As a freelancer, the general day to day can feel quite isolating and Maven offers a supportive and creative community, which is so exciting to me. The space itself is light and inspiring, I think it will be a great environment for creativity and productivity.

A founding Maven, Tash will be there to say hi at our very first co working session scheduled for Tuesday 21st July here in Winchester.  To join her get in touch!

Natalie x