Laura has been a saviour to many throughout lockdown and before, through her business Be.  Offering Meditation coaching courses and a wonderful community, Laura empowers you to use meditation to transform your life.

Passionate about making Meditation attainable and accessible, we can’t wait to invite Laura into our co-working community here at Maven to tell us more!  So let’s delve in and find out more about her.

Tell me about a woman who inspires you.

I’m inspired by Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand PM.  Her poise, composure and compassion have really stood out in these difficult times.  I feel passionately that as women we have an opportunity to redefine how leadership looks. That it no longer has to mean pushing and forcing.  It inspires me to see her living those values and making a difference.

When did you decide to pursue your business?

It was a dream for a long time to help others, stemming from a time when I felt lost and overwhelmed.  I realised that to the outside world I looked like I was fine, but inside it was a different story. I knew I had so much more to give but I struggled with the demands of two young children and living overseas.   When I found my way back to balance and purpose, I was passionate to help others to do the same – no matter what their individual reasons for finding themselves ’stuck’.

What drives you creatively?

It sounds like such a cliche but it really is making a difference to other people.  I love bringing complex concepts to life and making them attainable and accessible – that light-bulb moment when the way you’ve presented something means it suddenly becomes clear for someone.  It’s like a tiny bit of magic!

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Oh no, I’m all the cliches today!  For me it’s my children. They’re teenagers now and that brings it’s own challenges but for many years life was really tough for them – my son had (and still manages) a severe anxiety disorder that debilitated him and our family life.  Navigating that felt like something I would never survive at times. I spent so many days and nights worried about how he would be and how we could help support him. Now, as I see him thriving and finding his own path and his own ways to cope, it makes my heart burst!

What are you looking forward to most about Maven?

Connection and community is so powerful – this enforced lockdown has highlighted that more than ever.  Being around driven women with purpose means we all fly higher. And when life threatens to pull us down, we can hold together to keep rising.

Meditation and mindfulness really is the key to our success.  Through our co-working community I look forward to bringing together talented group of business women who can help and support each other.

Natalie x