What you see here is a community that I wish I’d had years ago. Working with people, delving into business and creating meaningful connections is my jam… and this Maven haven is yours.

5 reasons why you are going to love co-working and why Winchester is the perfect spot for a female only co-working space.

  1.  All the community feels

Working from home is great, but boy, don’t you feel lonely sometimes?  Starting and running a business by yourself is daunting enough as it is.  What you also don’t realise is how isolating it can be too.  Mixing up your working week takes all of that away and brings you out to meet people.  Whether you chat about your work, or what you watched on the TV last night, it all helps to make you feel part of a team.

2.  It supercharges your productiveness

You may be worried that you’ll get less done in a room with others, actually it’s quite the opposite.  We all tend to bounce off each other’s motivation.   I tend to find when I work from home I can become easily distracted and decide to get up and put on a wash, or tidy the house, no Mrs, not in work time!  Seeing other people get down and get stuff done, makes you work too.

3.  Problem solving

As a business owner, you are often left trying to solve problems all alone.  It can be so frustrating, I spent most of yesterday messing around with my new email address, I know that if I had have been working in our new and snazzy coworking space, I would have fixed the problem much quicker by asking other! There’s so many examples,  you need a recommendation for a website builder….you can just ask.  Or you might be looking for legal advice or want to know who designs great logo’s.  This ability to solve problems and get recommendations immediately saves masses of time and allows you to focus on more important tasks.  Happy girl boss!

4.  Pressure free networking

Meeting like minded people is a key element to ensure the growth of your business.  Networking can sometimes seem a little forced and daunting.  Co-working is a safe space, where you can meet people at your own pace.  You’ll see a welcoming face every time you come along.  Good vibes only here!

5. Flexibility

Maven members will be regular monthly members, however with Maven you can work as little as a half day a week.  Getting out of the house for even this small amount of time will change your work week dramatically.  It’s affordable too, a half day a week works out at around £12.50 a session and with all our mixers and masterclasses included at that price it really is a no brainer.

So let’s do this girls, put coworking on the map in Winchester and let’s get stuff done!

Natalie x