For our last Maven Masterclass of 2020, we invited the dream team that is The Client Strategist to Maven, for a holistic goal setting session to get us ready for the year ahead.

We all know plans can go awry, 2020 has been an example of that…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them!

Tasha and Charlotte are such an endearing team, they bounce off each other really well, creating an innovative consultancy for creative entrepreneurs that provides support in administration, creative thought, finding your ideal client and much much more.

It so felt special to be together in a room again, even though it was just a small group.  Zoom training is absolutely brilliant and will continue to be a massive resource going forward but you cannot beat the in person interaction and support that develops and grows when you are in a room learning together.  It was warm, inviting and you could see the eyes light up around the room.

So how did we get in gear for 2020?

  • We closely on finding our WHY?  If you not watched the Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk about Starting with the WHY, you MUST.  Click here to watch it!
  • We looked at holistic and cyclical planning
  • And then Jazzed it up with some fun Mad Lib Mayhem

They’ll be more to come from The Client Strategist and Maven in the New Year, in the meantime try out a little Mad Lib Mayhem to get you in gear.  Spend a moment filling in the gaps below…and we’ll see you for more in 2021!

I am a business who always……..

I am successful today because…….

But this is the beginning of our next chapter.  And I want to thrive in a world where……..

Natalie x