Meet Natalie

Maven’s Founder

From Woolworth’s to Harvey Nichols, bridal boutique to co-working space, I’ve always had business in my blood. After graduating with a degree in Textile & Business Management, I combined my love of fashion and business to rise through the ranks at Harvey Nichols, styling celebs like Jon Bon Jovi (kinda hot, actually) and managing 100’s of people – I was in my element.

But… something was niggling away inside me. Little did I know, it was the bug of entrepreneurship! Despite forwarnings that ‘people go there to die’, I relocated myself and my newly aquired husband to Bournemouth, where my luxe bridal boutique was born! 10 years, a new boutique in Winchester and lots of business decisions later, I birthed my second business baby – Maven.

What you see here is a community that I wish I'd had years ago. Working with people, delving into business and creating meaningful connections is my jam... and this Maven haven is yours.

What’s it all about…

So you want to become a Maven? What’s in it for you…


Maven is for the trailblazer, not the average Jo. For this reason, we offer a bunch of different ways to connect with the community. You’ve chosen this path because it’s flexible, so we are too.

The want to keep the feel of Maven ‘just so’. We don’t pack in too many desks, or over book our spaces. You can turn up, ready to get down, safe in the knowledge that we’ll preserve a sense of calm and productivity for you.

Our Maven membership places are limited and exclusive. If you have specific days you want to work in our space, let us know now. We don’t want you to miss out!

Maven Masterclasses

Informative, creative and inspirational, our monthly Maven workshops are designed to give you the tools to keep making Maven magic! Masterclasses are currently are being run as small in person sessions or virtually in the form of webinars.

Maven Mixers

We host stuffiness-free bi-monthly networking and mixer sessions so we can come together for some drinks and giggles. For now we have taken our Mixers Virtual, so you can all join in from home.  So come and meet our mavens and enjoy a little mini presentation or demo by a local business, to help break the ice.

Meeting Pod

If you’ve got calls to make, deals to close, or podcasts to record – then book our Meeting Pod. The pod is perfect for small meetings, interviews, private conversations and even podcast recordings.

Are you the next Maven?

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