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Maven is as Maven does! We’re community driven and member focused. Whether you’re with us all week, or on an ad-hoc basis, we ensure that you feel supported and welcome. From training sessions to coaching, networking to masterminds, we facilitate a world where you can dream, create and succeed.

Want to find out more about who you’ll be working with?  Read on for bio’s and Q&A’s from some of our inspirational Mavens…


Featured Mavens

Natasha Baggs

Ten years ago, Natasha took the brave decision to leave the day job and turn her photography passion into a business.  You can see how her charming, approachable and relaxed nature makes her clients feel totally at home under the glare of the lens.  She’s also currently working on a adding another speciality to her photography repertoire, which sounds very exciting.

“When I am not shooting I love to read, explore new places with the love of my life (that’s Will FYI), and enjoy the occasional Pimms or Cider with friends.  It’s also possible I have a mild coffee and stationery addiction.”


Follow Tash on Instagram @tashandwill_

We’re here for you…

Laura Coleman

Laura is the Founder of Be.Modern Meditation.  Through Be. Laura strives to make meditation attainable, accessible and rewarding and has created the wonderful Be.Community where members can support each other.   

“On the outside my life looked great: successful career then full time Mum and moving overseas. But on the inside, it was a different story.  I had no idea how to move forward but I knew I needed change.  I discovered meditation whilst living in Melbourne and it was life changing.  Finally, I found space to just Be… Meditation helped me find my way back to balance, calm and connection.”   


Follow Laura on Instagram @bemodernmeditation

Rosie Freeland

Rosie cut her teeth in some of the most respected global PR agencies, before launching Court & Spark Communications in 2019.  Rosie thrives on creativity, energy and purpose and uses this alongside her extensive PR & marketing experience to give small brands big voices online.  Outside of her biz, Rosie loves nothing more than a good old book, gin in hand.


Follow Rosie on Instagram @courtsparkcomms

We’re here for you…

Hazel Anderson – Turner

Hazel is a business psychologist, facilitator and coach. With specialist focus on resilience, energy management and performance she’s the gal to help coach us through any tough challenges that lie ahead!

“I’m also a fan of self improvement and am always looking to improve the parts of myself that are a bit ‘crumbly’, however I am also mindful that if I smooth away all the edges then I lose what makes me my imperfect, unique self.”


Follow Hazel on Instagram @thehealthyhappypsychologist


Stephanie Powell

When you meet Stephanie, you’ll absolutely love her energy.  A writer and wordsmith, her quick wit and sharp way with words is hard to beat.  Through her business By The Way creative she’ll work with you to find a unique voice for your brand.

“I’m fanatical about giving brands the tools, content and literature to express themselves.  Whether it’s blogs or site copy, your brand deserves to be heard in an authentic and professional way – with a splash of your sparkling personality.”


Follow Stephanie on Instagram @bythewaycreative

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