The Pause Workshop - with Louisa Caine, The Pause Before

Friday 1st July at Maven, Winchester from 12-3pm.

When did you last prioritise your wellbeing and take a pause?

Then let me invite you to take a pause with me….I’m Louisa Caine, Founder of the Pause Before

Place your feet on the ground, sit up tall and relax your shoulders.
Take a long slow breath in and a long slow breath out.

Why not take time out for you and come to our welcoming space for our in-person event, The Pause Workshop…

This workshop is for you if

• You feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out
• You are juggling multiple demands - work, running a business, caring responsibilities, health concerns
• You find yourself “on the go” all the time and find it difficult to relax
• You feel stuck
• Your energy and motivation levels have taken a dip

At The Pause Before, I help you flourish through mindfulness, coaching and yoga therapy.

In this workshop, I will empower you to pause and re-set to lead your best life.


• Learn simple but effective 6-minute ‘micro-pauses’ to include in your day to prevent burnout, overwhelm and tiredness;
• Understand how to manage your energy levels and the neuroscience behind it;
• Explore breathwork, tapping, mindful movement, visualisation, and eye yoga to increase your energy, focus, or deeply relax;
• Spot the early signs and symptoms of burnout and how to respond.

What should you expect?

• A safe environment to share and ask questions
• A joyful, informative, and collaborative session with effective tools to takeaway and start using in your day
• Space for you to ‘pause’, experiment and reflect on your energy

Sounds bliss doesn’t it?

This 3 hour session will start with a friendly introduction, refreshments and lunch.  Followed by the Pause Workshop, where weather permitting we’ll mix up the location to ensure a refreshing experience when learning to pause.

A buffet/picnic lunch is included in your ticket.

Will you join us?

Louisa 🙏


Price: £50